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Дэлхийн худалдааны байгууллагууд

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of the key ministries of the Government of Mongolia responsible for creating a favorable external environment for Mongolia and expanding foreign trade and economic cooperation.

Priority activities of the Ministry are:

  • to create a favorable external environment to ensure the national security of Mongolia;
  • to create a favorable external environment for Mongolia’s development by expanding foreign trade and economic cooperation;
  • to develop foreign propaganda and cultural relations, and to provide real support to the activities of Mongolian citizens, schools, kindergartens, associations, and societies abroad;
  • to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Mongolian citizens and the private sector abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs consists of 13 departments including the Foreign trade and economic cooperation department who is in charge of developing and regulating foreign trade policies and regulations of Mongolia.

Mongolia has a diplomatic relationship with 192 countries including European countries, the USA, the Russian Federation, China and etc. as of 2020.

Based on the Foreign Policy Concept of Mongolia, approved by the Parliament of Mongolia on February 10, 2011, Mongolia is actively developing bilateral and multilateral relations and cooperation with developed countries in the political, economic, defense, cultural and humanitarian spheres. Currently Mongolia has a comprehensive strategic partnership and strategic partnership with the following countries:

  • China;
  • Russian Federation;
  • Japan;
  • India;
  • The USA;
  • Turkey;
  • Germany;
  • Republic of Korea;
  • Canada; and
  • Australia.

Mongolia accessed 293 international conventions and treaties, including the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, Final Act embodying the results of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations, Marrakesh Agreement establishing the World Trade Organization, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and Asia-Pacific trade agreement.

The Government of Mongolia signed 1221 bilateral cooperation agreements with 97 countries and international organizations including the first Economic Cooperation Agreement between the Government of Mongolia and Japan signed in 2015.