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Statement by Prime Minister of Mongolia L.Oyun-Erdene

Dear fellow Mongolians,

Dear investors and businesses,

Dear tourists, who planned to come to Mongolia but waited for 2 years due to the pandemic,

The Government of Mongolia has decided to shift from “Orange level” of high-level emergency preparedness to “Yellow level” where Mongolia will be fully open to international travel. This decision has been taken based on vaccine coverage rate of the population and the latest risk assessment results. As of today, 92 percent of the eligible population has been fully vaccinated, 52 percent of the eligible population has received a 3rd booster shot and a further 90 thousand individuals have received the 4th dose of vaccine.

All COVID restrictions are being lifted as of today in Mongolia. We will continue to administer vaccines and recommend handwashing, wearing masks and physical distancing for your protection.

Investors and tourists are welcome to Mongolia with no additional requirements if fully vaccinated. If you have not yet been vaccinated, you are welcome to Mongolia and eligible to be vaccinated in Mongolia upon arrival.

Dear investors and tourists,

In my capacity as Prime Minister of Mongolia, I assure you that the Government of Mongolia, the private sector, and tourism companies will work diligently to ensure your safety and provide prompt services to ensure hassle-free travel to Mongolia, on either business or pleasure.

I would like to note that this decision does not include border posts to avoid supply chain disruptions. We will keep ensure border posts with our two neighbors at high-level of emergency preparedness.