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State Secretary D.Gankhuyag Meets the Press

Гадаад хэргийн яам цаг үеийн асуудлаар мэдээлэл хийлээ.

State Secretary D.Gankhuyag conducted a press briefing on Tuesday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The State Secretary introduced Mongolia’s Worldwide Promotion programme and Global Mongolians programme, which were passed by the Government meeting on Monday, 4 January 2016.

Mr. Gankhuyag further briefed the works the Ministry has done in the past year in efforts to strengthening the legal basis in international relations of Mongolia, while noting the important role of political and diplomatic means in safeguarding the country’s security.

Mongolia’s Worldwide Promotion programme is designed to support the achievement of the country’s foreign policy goals, to define the foreign promotion directions, to create a comprehensive promotion mechanism that is better coordinated, and to facilitate the bilateral and multilateral foreign policy efforts through the means of foreign promotion and cultural cooperation.

Mongolians abroad is at the heart of Global Mongolians programme, which aims to improve the registration structure, to encourage their participation in the country’s economic and social development, to ensure their rights, and to support associations and unions of Mongolians operating worldwide, as well as to expand the cultural exchanges and links between those who have common Mongol culture, tradition and language.

The objective of the Economic Diplomacy Agenda is to contribute to the national economic development, through the means of foreign relations, as supporting its key pillars of advancing export oriented business activities by national entities, enhancing market access and creating new possibilities, introducing of environmentally friendly and advanced technology, improving competitiveness and attracting foreign investment, says State Secretary Gankhuyag.

He also informed the audience about the Foreign Minister L.Purevsuren’s Iran visit on 23-24 December 2015 and the Deputy Prime Minister Ts.Oyunbaatar’s attendance to Meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of Government and observer states’ heads of delegation held on 14-15 December 2015. The working group meeting on drafting the Programme of Creating Mongolia-Russia-China Economic Corridor was held in Moscow on 28 and 29th of December last year, he adds.

The session concludes Q&A on issues developing in international relations.