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Public Diplomacy and Cultural Cooperation

The main objectives of the field of Public Diplomacy and Cultural Cooperation include implementing Mongolian foreign policies on a global level through national culture, arts, heritage, and historical riches, developing policies and strategies on public diplomacy and cultural cooperation, defending Mongolian fundamental interests, while raising and preserving status of the nation, providing a central regulatory framework for all “Soft Power” activities aimed at broadening diplomatic relations of Mongolia at international level and provide a policy framework through international cultural relations aiming to strengthen Mongolian public diplomacy

To implement the strategies the following two programs have been adopted:

  • To co-ordinate the implementation of the “Agenda for promoting Mongolia abroad”* which was adopted by the second resolution of Mongolia`s Parliament in 2016.
  • To co-ordinate the implementation of the “Mongolians of the world”*.


Expected results:

For realizing Mongolian foreign policies by identifying areas such as defining public diplomacy, establishing an interrelated promotion mechanism and supporting bilateral and multilateral cooperation through public diplomacy and cultural relations. Additionally improving civil registration, providing the possibility for participation in economic and social development of the country for diaspora, securing their civil rights and supporting NGO’s abroad.

In the mid-term, implementing a common program on Mongolia`s public diplomacy shall invigorate foreign direct investment and tourism sector inflow into a whole new stage.

In the long-term, Mongolia`s international status shall increase along with foreign direct investment and revenue from tourism.