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Greetings by H.E. Ms. Battsetseg Batmunkh, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the 110th Anniversary of founding the modern diplomatic service in Mongolia

Fellow Mongolians,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I wish to extend my greetings to all of you on the historic 110th Anniversary of founding the modern diplomatic service in Mongolia.

Chilly and freezing winter days of 1911 witnessed triumph of the national liberation movement fostered by the invaluable efforts of generations of our patriots leading to the restoration of our independence and proclamation to the world of the Bogd Khanate State of Mongolia.

Right after forming the Bogd Khanate Government, one of the first five established Ministries was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Chin Van Khanddorj, an eminent nobleman and a leader of the national liberation movement, was appointed as the first Minister for Foreign Affairs Minister, launching the 110-years history of the modern diplomatic service of Mongolia.

Throughout the past turbulent and uneasy times Mongolian diplomats of all generations have contributed their great endeavors towards fully securing our independence.

Over the course of the 20th century, marked by a host of challenges and complexities, including two world wars, ensuing cold war, arms race rivalry, competition-driven super-powers’ strain, we managed to secure the recognition of Mongolia’s independence by the neighboring countries and the world at large. This was a major achievement of ours.

I am delighted to note that Mongolian diplomats have immensely contributed to overcoming the harships of transition faced in 1990’s by further enhancing the friendly relations developed with the Third Neigbour countries and strengtening the country’s position amongst the international community.

Currently, Mongolia is a democracy pursuing an independent, open and multi-pillar foreign policy. We have  diplomatic relations with almost every country of the world and maintain trade, economic and cultural cooperation with majority of them. We have joined as a full-fledged member over 70 international organizations. All these achievements are the result of tireless efforts of many generations’ patriots. Our people have chosen the path of upholding democracy, fundamental freedoms and human rights and Mongolia has been recognized as an “oasis of democracy” in the region. I firmly believe that this path is irreversible.

Just as the road, we had experienced over the past 110 years, was not smooth and easy, the present period is also full of challenges.  Now that the humankind is being exhausted to fight the global pandemic COVID-19, it has become increasingly evident that all countries need to mobilize their capacity, expertise and resources and work together.

At this critical juncture, nations of the world need to put aside their political and geopolitical rivalry and mobilize all the necessary efforts and resources to fight the pandemic, giving priority to maintaining a continuous and efficient cross-border supply of medical products and consumer goods.

Many land-locked countries like ours face multi-faceted challenges, including   transportation-logistics disruptions and related shortages of consumer goods, leading to price increase. In order to overcome these challenges we need to work hard and pursue proactively our multi-pillar foreign policy.

Although we are a non-producer of vaccines we are among a few countries offering its people a choice of vaccines. I am pleased to note that steady decline of infection rate following the Government’s intensive vaccination policy is the result of our proactive foreign policy and activities.

Foreign policy and diplomacy have been accorded particular importance by our ancestors for centuries. History tells that during the time of the Mongol Empire, diplomatic relations were called “the Golden tether of the state”. I would like to emphasize that it is our sacred duty to continuously keep in mind  the rich history and heritage of our diplomatic service and preserve the great legacy  of ”the Golden tether” and pass it on to generations to come.

I would like to convey once again my sincere greetings on the 110th Anniversary of founding the modern diplomatic service in Mongolia and wish prosperity to all our fellow citizens.