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Olympic Champion Tuvshinbayar N. appointed as Mongolian Cultural Envoy

Mr. L.Purevsuren, Minister for Foreign Affairs appointed Mr. N.Tuvshinbayar, Olympic Champion and awardee of Hero of Labor and Merit Athlete, as the Mongolian Cultural Envoy and presented him the Certificate at the Ministry on 16th February. Mr.N. Tuvshinbayar will depart for Dusseldorf Judo Grand Prix tomorrow morning. His next schedule is to attend “ITB Berlin 2015” – International tourism exhibition, during which he will promote Mongolia in his quality as Cultural Envoy.

In compliance with the best practice of a cultural diplomacy, recognized as the best benchmark of a foreign policy, Cultural Envoy is entrusted with duties to promote Mongolia abroad with art, cultural and sport activities and to support international cooperation of academic research in history. Minister for Foreign Affairs has newly introduced this function of public diplomacy into the Ministry commencing from 2015 and adopted the Statute of Cultural Envoy by which reputable citizen of Mongolia allowed to be appointed for this position. The Minister stated that he will further encourage a core milestone of a soft power, the cultural diplomacy, within Mongolia’s diplomatic service.

Mr. T.Boldbaatar, Deputy Minister for Health and Sport, and Mr. M.Bukhbat, General Secretary of Mongolian Judo Federation, and Mr. O.Baljinnyam, Head Coach of Judo National Team and officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were present at the ceremony to present the Certificate with number 0002 to Mr. Tuvshinbayar.N. It is to refer that Prime Minister of Mongolia has presented the Certificate of Cultural Envoy with number 0001 to Hakuho M.Davaajargal, Yokozuna of Japanese Grand Sumo Wrestling, during the official visit to Japan.