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FOREIGN MINISTER initiates cooperation to make the World Cup in Mongolia


Minister of Foreign Affairs by L.Purevsuren of January 1, 2015, on the 15th day of health and sports infrastructure ssport met with bigaid Boldbaatar sports industry to work together to support a coordinated foreign policy were discussed.In 2015, our athletes to qualify for the competition to be held abroad for the 145, internally organized 14 international competitions. They travel abroad to further facilitate international athletes to compete at international competition to host the tournament presented the idea to promote the country’s Foreign Minister.National Olympic Committee, judo, wrestling, boxing, football, shooting sports associations, including the Secretary-General and the first Olympic champion met with N.Tuvshinbayar in Mongolia to expand through by an international campaign organized sports brand to an international competition, north and South Korea, and Mongolia “Judo for Peace” tournament in 2015, organizing the World championship in 2017 in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia talked about the possibility of the right to organize.Minister of Foreign Affairs, welcomed representatives from sports meeting participants expressed their desires are fully consistent with the purpose of the initiative by the Minister and expressed that they all work together and support in the form of the future.