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Mongolia’s Nuclear-Weapon-Free Status


At the 47th Session of General Assembly in 1992, Mongolia declared its territory as a single-State nuclear weapon free zone with the aim to implement the priority of Mongolia’s foreign policy and safeguard its security and vital national interests by political and diplomatic means. In 28 years, it has been pursuing to create a legal basis as well as status internationally guaranteed by Member States of the United Nations.

Mongolia’s declaration of its territory as a single-State NWFZ has been widely welcomed and supported by the international community and consequently, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution on “Mongolia’s international security and nuclear-weapon-free status” in 1998.

The resolution “Mongolia’s international security and nuclear-weapon-free status”, adopts every two years since 1998 and invites Member States of the UN to cooperate with Mongolia in strengthening its “independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, the inviolability of its borders, its economic security, its ecological balance and its nuclear-weapon-free status”.

As a result of negotiations of Mongolia with the P5, the P5 adopted a Joint Statement in 2000 and a Joint Declaration in 2012 in support of the status.