Үнэлгээ өгөх Үнэлгээ өгөх


 The stakeholders of the Development Assistance programs funded by the Canadian Government met on 18th of October 2018 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding, signed between the Governments of two countries in 2016, six projects on enhancing resource management, strengthening good governance, public service, empowering women and ensuring gender-equality are being implemented for the period from 1.5 to 7 years and are worth of nearly CAD 40 million. The projects are “Strengthening Extractive Sector Management in Mongolia”, “Mongolia: Enhancing Resource management through Institutional Transformation”, “Strengthening Transparency in the Public Service Sector in Mongolia Program”, “Professional and Citizen-centered Civil Service in Mongolia”, “Increasing the competitiveness of wool and cashmere products” and soon to launch “Strengthening the Response to Gender-Based Violence in Mongolia”.

Besides the representatives from the Government authorities including Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mineral Resources and Petroleum Agency, the representatives of project co-implementing parties and NGOs’ including UNDP, Asia Foundation, Co-op Development Foundation of Canada, Agriteam Canada, Mongolian Cooperative Training and Information Center, Mongolian Education Alliance, IDLO participated in the meeting and provided information on their activities.

Also participants have discussed the challenges they face during the implementation and its solution, shared information and exchanged views on needed supports and the ways to increase the projects efficiency.

Abovementioned projects cover 60 thousand (overlapped) civil servants in capital city and 21 aimags, 120 primary schools and universities, private companies and about 3000 herding households.

Mr. D.Gansukh, Director General of Department of the Americas, the Middle East and Africa and Mr. David Sproule, Canadian Ambassador to Mongolia made opening remarks. Parties have highlighted the importance of commemorating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Canada thorough the year of 2018.

Additionally parties have stated the friendly relations between Mongolia and Canada being strengthened year by year, and that two countries developing its relations under ‘Extended partnership level’ and collaborating with common status on wide range of issues including promotion of human rights, civil society and religious freedom.

The Government of Canada is directing its Development Assistance policy to gender-equality and protection of the rights of women and girls and Canadian Embassy said that by 2022 95% of development assistance initiatives will target programs in this regard. Canada Fund – Local Initiatives program by the Government of Canada has provided $6 million funding to over 400 projects in Mongolia since 1997.