Үнэлгээ өгөх Үнэлгээ өгөх


151125-1Regular press conference of Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Press Hour” was organized at the Ministry.

During the press hour, the results of Mongolian President Elbegdorj Tsakhia’s state visit to Republic of France, 19th regular session of Mongolia and Russia’s governmental commission on trade, economy, science and technical cooperation led by Minister for Foreign Affairs Purevsuren Lundeg on 23-24 November in Chita, Russia were highlighted. Moreover information on working visit of Foreign Ministry’s delegation to Switzerland regarding permanent neutrality status was given to journalists.

Therefore visits of President of Mongolia to Paris, France for 21st conference of parties to the UN Framework on Climate Change on 30 November, Foreign minister’s visit to Serbia for Ministerial meeting of Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe in December and IDEA’s meeting in Sweden during the end of this month were informed.

In the end, questions raised by journalists on human rights of the Mongolian citizens living abroad and Mongolia’s permanent neutrality status initiated by the President of Mongolia were answered.