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НүүрЯрилцлага, нийтлэлH.E. Mr. Gonchig Ganbold: “Age-old spiritual, historical and cultural bonds bind us”

H.E. Mr. Gonchig Ganbold: “Age-old spiritual, historical and cultural bonds bind us”


India and Mongolia complete 65 years of diplomatic relations. Would you say that we are at the peak of our bilateral ties?

Thank you. Prior to all I would like to extend my warm greetings to the readers of the Indian Empire and through them to the friendly people of India on the happy occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of formal state to state relations between our two nations. These relations were formed on 24th December, 1955 on the basis of our traditional bonds. Although geographically far from each other, age-old spiritual, historical and cultural bonds bind us, which make us closer in hearts and minds. Our relations have grown up exponentially in these years and paradigm changes have taken place. I am in earnest belief that they have a promising future in the coming years not only bilaterally but also on the international arena. At this moment I should commend the far-sightedness of our previous generations. Even before the independence of India the First Asian Relations Conference was held in New Delhi in March, 1947 and Mongolian delegation came to participate in it. During this Conference they had discussed with Indian freedom fighters the principles for the newly liberated Asian countries, how to promote their relations which led to the Five principles of Peaceful Co-existence, known as Panchshila.

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