18H.E.Mr.Gankhuyag Damba, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to People’s Republic of China

Born in 1962 in Khovd province of Mongolia.

Married and has a son and a daughter.

Sep.1969-Sep.1979     Secondary School, Bulgan sum, Khovd province,


Sep 1979-June 1985  Moscow Institute of International Relations, Moscow, Russia

June 1985-June 1986 Assistance Attache, Department of the

Neighboring Countries, MFA, Mongolia

June 1986-June 1987 Private, Mongolian People’s Army

June 1987-Jan 1991    Assistant Attache, Attache, Department of the Neighboring Countries, MFA, Mongolia

Jan 1991-June 1995    Attache, Third Secretary, Embassy of Mongolia to the People’s Republic of China

June 1995-July 1996  Second Secretary, Policy Coordination

Department, MFA, Mongolia

July 1996-July 2000     Director, Department of the International

Organization, MFA, Mongolia


July 2000-Dec 2001    Second Secretary, Department of the Neighboring Countries, MFA, Mongolia


Dec 2001-Oct 2005     First Secretary, Embassy of Mongolia to the UK


Oct 2005-May 2008    Deputy Director, European Department, Ministry  of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia


May 2008-Sep 2012    Director, Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mongolia


Sep. 2012-Dec 2014   Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia


Dec 2014-June 2015   Ambassador-at-Large, Head of the ASEM office, Mongolia


June 2015-Aug 2016  State Secretary of MFA, Mongolia


Aug 2016-Present       Ambassador, Embassy of Mongolia to the PRC

(Embassy of Mongolia

No.2, Xiu Shui Bei Jie,

Jian Guo Men Wai,

Beijing, China


Tel: 6532 1810

E-mail: beijing1@mfa.gov.mn)